At Station Street Veterinary Clinic we have a special interest in all aspects of equine reproduction and breeding. We breed around 100 racing thoroughbreds at various studs in the West Gippsland and Bass regions of Victoria. We can also accommodate up to 40 mares per season at our Equine Facility in Loch for both Frozen and Fresh insemination cycles.

Foaling down is offered. The mares are under 24 hour monitoring in purpose built mare and foal paddocks. A vet is on the property at all times after dark which is when most mares will foal. Staff are within 20 minutes of the property if a mare should foal or activate the foaling alarms during daylight hours.

Services offered include, but are not limited to: 

  • Fresh and fresh chilled AI
  • Frozen AI 
  • ET
  • Foaling down
  • Treatment of post foaling complications
  • Foal medicine and IgG testing
  • Long and short term agistment for wet and dry mares
  • Private paddocks and stabling
  • Stallion collection
  • Stallion dummy training
  • Studbook registrations
  • Mare swabs - cultured in-house for the fastest possible results