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Dogs, Cats and Domestic Pets

Station Street Veterinary Clinic has a soft spot for anything with four legs and fur.

Emergency cover

If your domestic animal becomes injured or unwell outside of our opening hours, you will be looked after by the exceptionally capable hands of AEC Hallam or Frankston.

Vaccinations and health checks

At Station Street Veterinary Clinic we have

Equine pre-purchase examinations

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Who we are

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Established in 1997 by Robyn and Neil Charman (now of South Eastern Equine Hospital), Station Street Veterinary Clinic has a long-standing reputation in the area for exceptional service, level of care and professional ability.

Owned by Robyn and Neil for 8 years the clinic went from strength to strength before being sold to Kirsty Tyler in 2005. Kirsty built the practice up to what it is today, employing five vets and utilising a fully qualified nursing team.

In 2015, the Clinic changed hands again to its current owners James and Sophie Elphick. James and Sophie are continuing to uphold the core values with which the clinic was originally setup and are constantly striving to provide the best level of care available.

Meet our team

Dr Sophie Elphick
Dr Sophie Elphick BVSc MANZCVS (Equine Medicine)
Started: 2015

BVSc Batchelor of Veterinary Science Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (Equine Medicine)

I grew up on a dairy farm in Kongwak, South Gippsland and always wanted to be a veterinarian. After completing my degree in Veterinary Science in 2007 I moved to the UK to live with my now husband James Elphick. After working in mixed practice in the UK for four years we moved back to Australia in 2012. I spent three and a half years working at Korumburra Veterinary Clinic in mixed practice and during this time started studying to sit my membership exams in Equine Medicine. I moved to Station Street Veterinary Clinic in June 2015 and passed my membership exams in July 2015. James and I bought Station Street Veterinary Clinic in December of 2015. I enjoy all aspects of mixed practice however I have a passion for equine medicine and particularly reproduction. When not working I spend as much time as possible riding and competing in show jumping. I also enjoy gardening and spending time with my husband James and our greyhound Tilly.

Dr Ruby Hatten
Dr Ruby Hatten BVSc
Started: 2015

BVSc Batchelor of Veterinary Science

Originally from the Yarra Valley in Victoria, I studied my Veterinary Science degree in Wagga Wagga, NSW, graduating in 2014. An animal lover at heart, I enjoy all aspects of companion and production animal practice. In my opinion there is nothing greater or more humbling than the bond we share with our pets. Indeed you will rarely see me out and about without my shaggy sidekick ‘Smith’ the Tasmanian Smithfield. I also have a passion for baroque breeds of horses, and enjoy riding and competing with my two horses Shirley and Amber. I spend the balance of my spare time hiking, hitting the beach, free diving, camping, and travelling.

Melissa Perrett
Melissa Perrett - Head Veterinary Nurse
Started: 1999

As Head Veterinary Nurse & with over 18 years’ experience, my passion lays with dairy cattle. I have grown up on a dairy farm which is where my love for animals began at a very young age. I have a keen interest in dairy genetics, showing cattle and calf rearing. I also spend time working with my Kelpie Jackson.

Bethany Chipperfield
Bethany Chipperfield
Started: 2017

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Brought up amongst the family farms, I began studying Veterinary Nursing in 2015 and Qualified in May 2017. Veterinary Nursing allows me to work with a variety of animals and no day is ever the same. Outside of work I enjoy working on the family farms where I get to test my skills on horseback and work the farm dogs. Together with my partner I also run a small goat farm full of colour and personality

James Elphick
James Elphick Director / Business Manager
Started: 2015

Brought up in rural South England as the son of a veterinary surgeon and veterinary nurse, I became an apprentice engineer in 2005 building MRI Gradients and Superconducting magnets. I qualified with my HND in Mechanical Engineering in 2009. Following this, I spent 4 years in a project engineering and management roll. I moved to Australia in 2012 and spent 3.5 years’ self-employed as an agricultural engineer. In 2015 Sophie and I setup Corylus Pty Ltd and purchased Station Street Veterinary Clinic. I now manage the day to day running of the company and oversee the business management. Outside of work I have a couple of Clydesdale brood mares that I show and breed from. I ride an appaloosa “pony” whenever I get the opportunity normally with our trusty greyhound Tilly following. We also run 50+ first cross ewes that we put a Southdown Ram over to produce Prime Lambs.

Our interest areas

  • Equine Medicine
  • Equine reproduction
  • Bovine medicine
  • Bovine - herd health
  • Hobby and specialist stock
  • Dogs, Cats and Domestic Pets

Equine Medicine


At Station Street Veterinary Clinic we pride ourselves on the fact that almost all of our vets and nurses either own or have owned horses. This gives us a unique understanding into not just the medical side of any condition presented but also the expectations, requirements, and emotions of the owner.

We have the latest in diagnostic equipment including mobile digital X-Ray, ultrasonography, and endoscopyand we have extensive experience managing all common equine illnesses and injuries including colic, wounds, hoof abscesses and common diseases such as strangles, mud fever and rain scald.

One of the difficult parts of veterinary medicine that animals can’t talk with humans. This is why, as vets, we need to look at the symptoms as they are presented to us. A significant amount of the information we get is through assessment of how much pain an animal is in and where that pain is located. This is especially true for colic where we need to monitor the degree of pain the animal is in and how they respond to various pain killers including how long they work for. The pain killers we use are not curative but do help with diagnosing the source of pain.

The upshot of this is that despite having the animal’s best interests at heart, it is essential that no painkillers are administered to a horse before a veterinary surgeon has had the chance to assess them. This is especially true for Bute as it is an exceptionally potent and long-lasting pain killer.

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Colic workup including (where facilities allow) full health examination, rectal exam, nasogastric tubing, pain mitigation testing and blood testing.
  • Wound repair including suturing both standing with sedation or under general anaesthetic, bandaging and casting if deemed necessary
  • Routine medicine including faecal egg testing and worming, vaccinations, and health checks
  • Contagious disease control (e.g. strangles) on large properties
  • Geldings
  • Eye Removal
  • Vet checking to EVA guidelines
  • Lameness diagnosis

Equine reproduction


At Station Street Veterinary Clinic we have a special interest in all aspects of equine reproduction and breeding. We breed around 100 racing thoroughbreds at various studs in the West Gippsland and Bass regions of Victoria. We can also accommodate up to 40 mares per season at our Equine Facility in Loch for both Frozen and Fresh insemination cycles.

Foaling down is offered. The mares are under 24 hour monitoring in purpose built mare and foal paddocks. A vet is on the property at all times after dark which is when most mares will foal. Staff are within 20 minutes of the property if a mare should foal or activate the foaling alarms during daylight hours.

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Fresh and Frozen AI Cycles
  • Foaling down
  • Treatment of post foaling complications for mares and foals
  • Long and short term agistment for wet and dry mares
  • Private paddocks and stabling
  • Frozen semen storage
  • Studbook registrations
  • Mare swabs - cultured inhouse for the fastest possible results

Bovine medicine


We have an extensive client base of both dairy and beef farms. Over 50% of our staff have grown up on dairy or beef farms, giving them an exceptional working knowledge of farming in addition to their professional skills.

We provide 24 hour veterinary assistance to all our farmers and are well versed in all aspects of medical, surgical and emergency cattle cases.

Services offered include, but not limited to:

  • LDA Surgery
  • Uterine Prolapse
  • Calving
  • Caesarean Section
  • Milk Fever
  • Mastitis Workup and Treatment
  • Lameness and Hoof Trimming
  • Retained Foetal Membranes
  • Eye Removal

Bovine - herd health


Alongside our extensive emergency, medical and surgical experience, we can also offer whole herd services. These allow the farmer to increase productivity through better planning and having a greater clinical knowledge of what is happening within their herd.

Services offered include, but not limited to:

  • Pregnancy testing, both whole herd and individuals
  • Treatment of Metritis
  • Herd synchronisation including for fixed time AI if required
  • Mastitis investigations following Countdown Downunder Guidelines
  • Dietary investigations including trace element and subclinical acidosis testing

Hobby and specialist stock


At Station Street Veterinary Clinic we don’t just cater for big farms and routine animals. If you are on a small acreage with just one or two animals we can still help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Variety is the spice of life, they say, and for us that’s seeing something a little different.

Between the staff at Station Street we own horses from Miniatures to Clydesdales, Cows from Angus and Brahman to Wagyus and X-breeds, we have Donkeys, Sheep, Goats and Alpacas - if you can name it someone in the clinic probably owns it and we can definitely treat it.

The only proviso is that you must be able to restrain the animal humanely and safely so that no harm can come to you, your animal, or to our staff.

To list all the procedures available would be impossible but needless to say, if it can be done we can do it or on the rare occasion we can’t, we will can always point you in the right direction.

Dogs, Cats and Domestic Pets


Station Street Veterinary Clinic has a soft spot for anything with four legs and fur. In the clinic you may well come across our clinic cat Lolly, greyhound Tilly or a multitude of other staff members pets as they try to hide them in the staff area.

To facilitate our desire to provide the best possible level of care, Station Street Veterinary Clinic has state-of-the-art equipment for all aspects of domestic animal surgery, medicine, and emergency treatment. We have the latest in digital X-ray and Ultrasonography for fast accurate diagnosis and our own inhouse laboratory for the quickest pathology results available.

Our fully equipped operating theatre allows us to perform routine and emergency surgeries 5 days per week with Saturdays reserved for emergencies only. Services offered include, but not limited to:

  • Desexing of all pets including Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits
  • Vaccination of all animals
  • Itchy skin and ear workups
  • Hernia Repairs
  • Canine AI
  • All emergency operations including pyometra, gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), and trauma
  • Pet health checks and weight clinics
  • Euthanasia including private cremations and return of ashes
  • If your animal becomes injured or unwell outside of our opening hours, you will be looked after by the exceptionally capable hands of AEC Hallam or Frankston.

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Corylus Pty Ltd t/a Station Street Vets

72-74 Station St,
Koo Wee Rup
VIC 3981


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